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Before the Banking Reform Act of 1933, keeping your money in a bank was not a sure way to save

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But the legislation was not. On June 16, 1933, Roosevelt signed the . This law created the . Under this new system, depositors in member banks were given the security of knowing that if their bank were to collapse, the federal government would refund their losses. Deposits up to $2500, a figure that would rise through the years, were henceforth 100% safe. The act also restricted banks from recklessly speculating depositors' money in the stock market. In 1934, only 61 banks failed .

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The International Investor (TII), a Kuwait based Investment Bank, was incorporated in 1992 with a focus on Advisory and Corporate Finance Services.

In days past, depositing money in a savings account carried a degree of . If a bank made bad investments and was forced to close, individuals who did not withdraw their money fast enough found themselves out of luck. Sometimes a simple rumor could force a bank to close. When feared a bank was unsound and began removing their funds, the news would often spread to other customers. This often caused a panic, leading people to leave their homes and workplaces to get their money before it was too late.

These runs on banks were widespread during the early days of the Great Depression. In 1929 alone, 659 banks closed their doors. By 1932, an additional 5102 banks went out of business. Families lost their life savings overnight. Thirty-eight states had adopted restrictions on withdrawals in an effort to forestall the panic. Bank failures increased in 1933, and Franklin Roosevelt deemed remedying these failing financial institutions his first priority after being inaugurated.

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CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Civil Bank Limited, Class “A” Commercial Bank, aims to become the most trusted bank by providing dedicated service and support to customers.

Banks were divided into four categories. Surprisingly, slightly over half the nation's banks were deemed first category and fit to reopen. The second category of banks was permitted to allow a percentage of its deposits to be withdrawn. The third category consisted of banks that were on the brink of collapse. When the holiday was ended, these banks were only permitted to accept deposits. Five percent of banks were in the final category — unfit to continue business.

On the Sunday evening before the banks reopened, Roosevelt addressed the nation through one of his signature "." With honest words in soothing tones, the President assured sixty million radio listeners that the crisis was over and the nation's banks were secure. On the first day back in business, deposits exceeded withdrawals. By the beginning of April, Americans confidently returned a billion dollars to the banking system. The bank crisis was over.

09/01/2018 · Before the Banking Reform Act of 1933, keeping your money in a bank was not a sure way to save
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Through itsrelationship with Phatisa, the Fund Manager of the , DAFML has additional presence in Kenya andZambia.

DAFML is affiliated with the prestigious , a full-houseinvestment banking and brokerage firm with over 20 years experience inAfrica, headquartered in Accra, Ghana.

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Databank Agrifund Manager Limited is the AAF SME Fund Manager.

AAF SME Fund is established out of the African Agriculture Fund, a US$300 million agriculture private equity investment fund.

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The AAF ispromoted by the Agence Franaise de Dveloppement (AFD); AfricanDevelopment Bank (AfDB); the Government of Spain; Alliance for a GreenRevolution in Africa (AGRA); International Fund for AgriculturalDevelopment (IFAD), Banque Ouest Africaine de Dveloppement (BOAD) andECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development (EBID).

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Letters poured in to the White House from grateful Americans. Workers and farmers were thrilled that their savings were indeed now safe. Bankers breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Roosevelt did not intend to nationalize the banking system as many European countries had already done. Although radical in speed and scope, Roosevelt's banking plan strengthened the current system, without fundamentally altering it. One of his advisors quipped, "Capitalism was saved in eight days."

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The AAF SME Fund, a private equity fund focused on African food production and processing, managed by Databank Agrifund Manager Limited (DAFML), has successfully closed its investment in Interfresh Limited, Zimbabwe. Interfresh is a leading agribusiness focusing on the production, processing and marketing of agricultural and allied products and services.

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