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Quenching technology: a selected overview of the …


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at the Division of Fluid Dynamics

Calculations with this model simulate the features of boiling flow under high-pressure vessel depressurization:1) the pressure installation at a certain level less than the pressure of saturation but greater than an atmospheric one within 0.1 ms after the tube opening, 2) the boiling front propagation from the tube exit towards its closed side with the speed of tens meters per second; a sharp vapor content increasing up to 1 in this front is followed by the pressure drop from the constant level installed at the wave stage up to an atmospheric one.

An important topic in fluid dynamics is multiphase flows

Basic Concepts of Heat Transfer: Modes and laws of heat transfer, Conduction, heat transfer through extended surfaces, concept of resistance, Convection, boundary layer, heat transfer coefficient, overall heat transfer coefficient, LMTD; forced convection; natural convection; boiling and condensation; radiation; Heat Exchangers: Classifications and applications of heat exchangers, fouling factor, basic concepts of heat exchanger design, Kern method, NTU methods, design considerations for heat exchangers; Diffusion; Interphase mass transfer: theories of interphase mass transfer, local and overall mass transfer coefficients, correlations; analogy between momentum, heat and mass transfer.

Multiphase flows can be found in numerous fields in engineering, e.g

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Once through boilers are genneraly forced circulation.

There is nothing requiring a LaMont to have multipal circulation paths.

Take a simple heat exchanger simulater.

Prandtl and Nusselt number correlations; Derivation of differential and integral energy equation. Thermal boundary layer; Analogy between heat and momentum transfer. ; Heat transfer in pipe flows; Thermal entry length; Correlations for some common configurations; Free convection from plate: Governing equations and non-dimensionalization. Similarity and integral solutions for vertical plate; Free convection for other cases; Mixed convection. Heat Exchangers. Applications and classification of heat exchangers; Design analysis using LMTD method; Performance analysis using - NTU method. Introduction to boiling and condensation;

The tap-hole - key to furnace performance - SciELO

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