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Corporate Social Responsibility

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We all share a responsibility for developing the society we dream of. We can do it and we must do it, if not for our benefit, then for that of our children.

Measuring Corporate Social Responsibility Performance September 8, 2009 2:17 pm Published by admin

I am not apologizing for this kind of activity. But I do believe that with such a posture goes a responsibility. Business can choose to be a spectator or, even worse, a passive critic as society develops. Or business can choose to play an active, positive role – to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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From everything we know, the population at large is also of the Handy and Shaw school. Surveys in North America and the UK consistently show that a large majority considers social responsibility a key element in their judgment of a company. Further, they state that people’s judgment of a company on these dimensions affects their buying decisions in a significant way.

The idea that business has a responsibility to a broader constituency than shareholders is often characterized as “social responsibility” or “corporate citizenship.” During the course of this talk I will first try to provide some definition to these terms. I will outline the perspectives of groups and individuals who have studied the question. And I will give you my thoughts on areas in which businesses wishing to pursue this broader definition can concentrate.

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We’ve publicly recognized the need for expanded monitoring to include non-government organizations and the need for a summary statement about this monitoring. We are not ready to announce how that will be done, but our current guess is it will include a CPA firm as well as health and social auditing by an NGO. The specifics of this will come sometime down the road, but we are working hard to put this into effect.

What is needed at this time is, first of all, an understanding of what business is actually doing. Then we will be in a position to discuss not whether business has a responsibility to community or social responsibility, but how that responsibility is to be met. The “Imagine” campaign of the Canadian Center for Philanthropy, of which I am chairman, has set itself the task of initiating and facilitating the discussion.

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    Measuring Corporate Social Responsibility Performance September 8, 2009 2:17 pm

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    Wereldwijd toonaangevend in audit. thesis statement corporate social responsibility Drumstel kopen

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PhD thesis in Corporate Social Responsibility

The audit committee complements the finance committee by objectively evaluating IPG’s relationship with outside auditors and the responsibilities and performance of the internal audit group. The two committees work together closely to coordinate the preparation of important financial data for our year-end statements.

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Doing business is a series of collaborative processes. It requires interaction between employees, vendors, suppliers, business partners, and more. By equipping your employees with the right technology tools, you make it possible for then to be in touch and have all the information they need right at their fingertips. Whether located in the same building, working from home, or halfway around the world, self-managed teams can work together on complex proposals, sharing responsibilities and making empowered decisions. Many companies are setting up extranet sites: networks that give vendors, suppliers, partners and customers access to important data, processes and applications that allow them to act as a true extension of your organization. Your supply chain is a classic example. By using the web to link to your inventory system, then link that to your customer ordering process, you have a supply chain that literally manages itself. Your inventory levels match demand, you save time, eliminate paperwork and increase profitability.

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But if the business community doesn’t come together to define its social responsibility and then to act on that definition, I fear we will not achieve that better society. That statement gives you an indication of the importance I attach to the impact of business in today’s world.

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The printing press. The incandescent lightbulb. Manned flight. It is an extraordinary and rare – and humbling – opportunity to earn a place in history. I, for one, think we will. I think we will make our visions reality. I think that as stewards of our industry, we will step up to the challenges of social responsibility. We will improve the world, and the way we work, the way we communicate, live and learn as people.

Measuring Corporate Social Responsibility Performance …

I want to emphasize that in defining social responsibility we start with the need to be competitive on a global basis. Without that essential competitiveness, a business is not in a position to make any meaningful contribution to society. My company, Noranda, is a prime example. We are in the natural resources businesses – mining and metals, forest products, oil and gas. Businesses that are critical to Canada’s economy.

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