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the dorsal stream and the ventral stream.

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combined ventral and dorsal stream damage meaning ..

While the ventral stream, containing specialized areas for face perception, was proposed as the “who” system, the dorsal stream, holding areas for managing eye movements, reaching and grasping, was suggested as the “how” system. In other words, one system is devoted to deciding what and who we are looking at, and the other one decides the appropriate responses and actions to be made.

of the primary visual cortex into a dorsal and ventral visual stream is preserved in ..

Pasteurism () A method of treatment, devised by Pasteur, for preventing certain diseases, as hydrophobia, by successive inoculations with an attenuated virus of gradually increasing strength.

Lateral geniculate nucleus - Wikipedia

Scales are rectangular in overall shape with a rounded anterior marginwhich may be slightly indented above and below the mid-point, paralleldorsal and ventral margins, and a posterior margin with two straightedges meeting at a rounded central tip.

Foot-propelled locomotion -- When submerged, Great crested Grebes (Podiceps cristatus) swim with synchronized foot strokes, keeping their wings closely folded against the body. During the power stroke, the feet move from a cranial and ventrolateral position to a caudal and dorsomedial position relative to the body. The mean swimming speed varied from 0.7 - 1.2 meters/sec (Johansson and Norberg 2001).

Freshwater Fishes of Iran, Species Accounts - …

Pasteurization () A process devised by Pasteur for preventing or checking fermentation in fluids, such as wines, milk, etc., by exposure to a temperature of 140! F., thus destroying the vitality of the contained germs or ferments.

Avian head bobbing -- Many species of birds move their heads forward through a series of successive, fixed positions when walking. This unique ‘head-bobbing’ behavior stabilizes visual fields during body movement, preventing motion blur of the retinal image. Gaze stabilization could be required for successful visual search, particularly for moving objects, but the time available for stabilization varies with walking speed. No direct evidence has been published showing that birds favor the stabilization phase while foraging either for moving or immobile food. Cronin et al. (2005) examined head-bobbing behavior in foraging Whooping Cranes ( as they searched the ground for food, and found that they walk at speeds that allow the head to be immobilized at least 50% of the time. The stable phase of bird head-bobbing movements is particularly interesting because the behavior, unique to birds, clearly contributes to visual gaze stabilization. Pigeons head-bob when landing, and herons stabilize their heads rigidly when walking or when their perch moves, almost certainly for visual function. Head movements nevertheless play essential roles in vision, giving visual cues for distances and relative locations of objects, providing an opportunity for changes in head angle, and permitting birds to fixate new objects of visual interest.

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  • Freshwater Fishes of Iran, Species Accounts - Cobitidae

    Image showing ventral stream and dorsal stream in the human brain visual system

  • Muscle | definition of muscle by Medical dictionary


  • Visual Expert Human Factors: Rear End Collision

    Different brain areas, as well as different processes of perception, are responsible for particular visual functions.

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Sharkfest - Florida Keys News.. Key West Register

In a premature infant (depending on the extent of prematurity): The eyelids may not have fully separated; the iris may not constrict or dilate; the aqueous drainage system may not be fully functional; the choroid may lack pigment; retinal blood vessels may be immature; optic nerve fibres may not be myelinized; there may still be a pupillary membrane and/or a hyaloid system. Functional implications: lack of ability to control light entering the eye; visual system is not ready to function.

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Flying in a flock comes at a cost -- Flying birds often form flocks, with social, navigational, and anti-predator implications. Further, flying in a flock can result in aerodynamic benefits, thus reducing power requirements, as demonstrated by a reduction in heart rate and wingbeat frequency in pelicans flying in a V-formation. But how general is an aerodynamic power reduction due to group-flight? V-formation flocks are limited to moderately steady flight in relatively large birds, and may represent a special case. What are the aerodynamic consequences of flying in the more usual ‘cluster’ flock? used data from back-mounted Global Positioning System (GPS) and inertial sensors to show that pigeons (1) maintain powered, banked turns like aircraft, imposing dorsal accelerations of up to 2 , effectively doubling body weight and quadrupling induced power requirements, (2) increase flap frequency with increases in all conventional aerodynamic power requirements, and (3) increase flap frequency when flying near, particularly behind, other birds. Therefore, unlike V-formation pelicans, pigeons do not gain an aerodynamic advantage from flying in a flock. Indeed, the increased flap frequency, whether due to direct aerodynamic interactions or requirements for increased stability or control, suggests a considerable energetic cost to flight in a tight cluster.

Bird Digestion - People Search | Eastern Kentucky …

The genus is also characterised by an elongate body with dorsal and ventral profiles almost parallel. The belly is not rounded. The body is compressed anteriorly and the head is compressed or depressed. The caudal peduncle is short and moderately deep. The snout is usually blunt. The upper lip is furrowed and is continuous or has a slight median interruption. Lips are simple, being plicate to almost smooth. The processus dentiformis on the upper jaw is well-developed in many species and there is a corresponding notch on the lower jaw but the processus can be absent. Nostrils are closely spaced. The dorsal fin usually has 7 branched rays and the anal fin 5 branched rays. The caudal fin is slightly to deeply emarginated. There is no adipose crest or, if present, it is weakly-developed near the caudal fin and not supported by procurrent rays of the caudal fin. The lateral line is incomplete, may be very short and rarely reaches the end of the anal fin level. Scales are absent or rarely present but weakly developed on the caudal peduncle. A pelvic axillary lobe is present but is short and does not usually extend beyond the pelvic fin base.

A New Approach to Earth History | 5. The origin of turtles

Muscles involved in jaw closure for a Cooper's Hawk. A. Lateral view showing adductor mandibulae group, including
adductor mandibulae externus pars profunda (AMEP), adductor mandibulae ossis quadrati (AMOQ), adductor mandibulae
externus pars rostralis (AMER), adductor mandibulae pars ventralis (AMEV). B. Antero-lateral view showing the
pseudotemporalis group, including adductor mandibulae caudalis (AMC), pseudotemporalis profundus (PSP),
pseuodotemporalis superficialis (PSS), pterygoideus pars dorsalis (PTD), and pterygoideus pars ventralis (PTV)
(Sustaita 2007).

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