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since they retard protein synthesis and accelerate its ..

Dutch National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection panel

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Glucocorticoid effects on the immune system - UpToDate

Suggested determinations are: calcium, phosphorus, chloride, sodium, potassium, fasting glucose, serum alanine aminotransferase, serum aspartate aminotransferase, ornithine decarboxylase, gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase, urea nitrogen, albumin, blood creatinine, total bilirubin, and total serum protein.

The ultimate purpose of risk assessment is to protect human health and the environment.

Kramer CM, Johnson KW, Dooley RK, & Holsapple MP (1987) 2,3,7,8- Tetrachlorodibenzo- p-dioxin (TCDD) enhances antibody production and protein kinase activity in murine B cells.

(And, by extension, what's in our bodies)

Small changes in genes resulting in alterations in amino acids built into protein chains.

IL-1 has (together with IL-6 and tumour necrosis factor) multiple effects in the systemic acute-phase response and in local acute and chronic inflammation: it stimulates T (helper) cells to synthesize IL-2 and IL-2 receptors, interferon gamma, and other lymphokines, B cells (proliferation and differentiation), neutrophils, and natural killer cells; stimulates monocytes and macrophages to produce IL-1, IL-6, and tumour necrosis factor; acts in the acute-phase response by inducing synthesis of acute-phase proteins in liver and reducing cytochrome P450 synthesis; induces natriuresis in kidney, insulin production in pancreas ß cells, muscular proteolysis ('easy' energy generation) in muscle cells, slow-wave sleep in cerebral cortex; raises the temperature set-point (fever) in hypothalamus; stimulates haematopoiesis and prostaglandin synthesis by various cell types (fibroblasts, macrophages, endothelium); inhibits gastric motility in vitro ; induces collagenase production by synovial cells and osteoclasts, and antiviral state; inhibits gastric smooth muscle in vitro ; is cytostatic for tumour cells and activates endothelium Interleukin 2.

Family of heterodimeric molecules sharing a ß chain (ß1, ß2, ß3, about 750 amino acids long), each with a different alpha chain (about 1100 amino acids long), with a major function in cell adhesion and migration.

Global strategy for asthma management and prevention…

Bilthoven, National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection.

Synthesized by fibroblasts and bone-marrow stromal cells; resembles IL-6 in function: stimulates haematopoietic cell growth and differentiation (myeloid, erythroid, megakaryocyte lineage); enhances T-cell-dependent antibody response; and suppresses adipocyte differentiation and lipoprotein lipase production Interleukin 12.

Formerly called neutrophil-activating protein; synthesized by monocytes and various tissue cells in response to inflammatory stimuli; performs chemotaxis of neutrophilic granulocytes and subsequent granule exocytosis and respiratory burst; induces increased expression of adhesion molecules CD11b/CD18 (complement C3 receptor CR3) and promotes vascular leakage.

US Environmental Protection Agency (1990) Respiratory health effects of passive smoking: Lung cancer and other disorders (EPA/600/6-90/006F).
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    Vos, National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection, Bilthoven, Netherlands (Chairman) Dr K.L.

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    Dexamethasone Alters Arachidonate Release from Human Epithelial Cells by Induction of p11 Protein Synthesis and ..

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    09/04/2001 · This may result in increased or decreased protein synthesis and ..

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Proceedings of the American Thoracic Society - ATS …

Group of molecules including immunoglobulins, T-cell receptors, MHC molecules, and others, like the lymphocyte function-related antigens LFA-2 (CD2) and LFA-3 (CD58), the intercellular adhesion molecules ICAM-1 (CD54) and ICAM-2, the vascular cell adhesion molecule VCAM-1, the neural cell adhesion molecule NCAM (CD56), and the CD4 and CD8 molecules, which have a similar tertiary basic domain-like structure, in which each domain is about 110 amino acids long and stabilized by a disulfide bridge.

Allergic and nonallergic rhinitis affect approximately 30% of the U.S

For immunoglobulin and T-cell receptor, the process whereby the germline chromosomal genomic structure of variable (diversity), joining, and constant segments recombine to form a specific V-(D-)J-C combination, enabling transcription into mRNA and translation into protein.

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Molecules of the immunoglobulin gene superfamily have a tertiary domain-like structure: each domain is about 110 amino acids long and arranged in a sandwich of two sheets of anti-parallel ß strands.

CS are frequently used, systemically or by inhalation

Formerly called interferon ß2; synthesized by T cells, monocytes, endothelial cells, fibroblasts, and smooth muscle cells, among others, during inflammatory reactions; stimulates T and B cells to proliferate and differentiate; has properties similar to IL-1 and acts synergistically with it in the acute-phase response (fever, synthesis of acute-phase proteins); synergizes with IL-3 in promoting haematopoietic progenitor cell proliferation; inhibits production of IL-1 and tumour necrosis factor by monocytes Interleukin 7.

This protein binding likely decreases ..

to single- or double-stranded DNA or histone proteins); frequently observed in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, Sjögren's syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus, and mixed connective tissue disease.

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