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There are three basic rules of semicolon insertion:

However, if etc. occurs at the end of a clause, you can add a comma or other punctuation mark after it.

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Using commas for parenthesis - Grammar Monster

Parenthetic expressions may be set off by parentheses or dashes instead of commas, depending on the degree of emphasis or pause desired, or the length of the expression. Compare:

It is also acceptable to omit the comma before quotations introduced by verbs of saying:

Some relative clauses, however, are integral to the meaning of a sentence. In such cases, it is critical not to surround the clause by commas:

Comma Rules: A Quick Quide | Grammarly

Commas are used around titles and degrees within the body of a sentence:

Parentheses of the form serve both to group the components of the pattern together and to save the result of the match. The result can be used either in a backreference ( followed by a nonzero decimal number), referenced in a replace String, or returned as part of an array from the regular expression matching internal procedure. To inhibit the capturing behaviour of parentheses, use the form instead.

The function applies the operator to its argument and interprets the resulting String as a date and time; it returns a Number, the UTC corresponding to the date and time. The String may be interpreted as a local time, a UTC time, or a time in some other time zone, depending on the contents of the String. The function first attempts to parse the format of the String according to the rules called out in Date Time String Format (). If the String does not conform to that format the function may fall back to any implementation-specific heuristics or implementation-specific date formats. Unrecognisable Strings or dates containing illegal element values in the format String shall cause to return NaN.

There are fourteen punctuation marks commonly used in English grammar

Use a comma to separate the day of the week from the date and the place from the date:

Semicolons may be used in place of commas to separate parallel elements in a series if these elements are complex or contain internal punctuation, or if greater emphasis is desired:

Elliptical clauses are conventionally separated from each other and from the introductory clause by semicolons, with commas often marking the ellipsis (see ):

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  • Using commas for parenthesis - Free English Grammar …

    No space before or after a period when followed by a comma or a closing quotation mark, parenthesis or bracket:

  • Is a comma necessary after a Province or State? : grammar

    Make sure also to add a comma after an introductory clause (any grammatical unit that contains a subject and a verb):

  • What Is Parenthesis? (with Examples) - Grammar Monster

    In such sentences the addition of commas not strictly needed for clarity gives emphasis to the elements thus enclosed:

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Lynch, Guide to Grammar and Style — P - Rutgers …

Clauses joined by a co-ordinating conjunction may also be separated by a semicolon (instead of a comma) if they are the last two of a series of clauses separated by semicolons:

What Are the Fourteen Punctuation Marks in English Grammar?

Note that the postal code is followed, but not preceded, by a comma when the address forms part of a sentence, and that two spaces separate the provincial name from the postal code.

Capitalization After Colons - Grammar & Punctuation | …

Although most writers tend to underuse rather than overuse the semicolon, a writing style that employs a large number of semicolons is likely to be heavy and dull. Consider using the dash, colon or comma instead.

Welcome to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab …

Similarly, a comma separates a place name from the name of a province or the abbreviation for that province, and the province’s name or abbreviation is normally followed by a comma within the body of a sentence or sentence equivalent:

Punctuation Worksheets | Capitalization, Commas, …

The traditional rule, and one especially suited to the common in typescripts (as opposed to desktop publishing): put one space after a comma or semicolon; put two spaces after a (sentence-ending) period, exclamation point, or question mark. Colons have been known to go either way. For spaces after quotation marks, base your choice on the punctuation inside the quotation. Publishers often (but not always) use standard word spacing between sentences (it's a matter of ), and it seems to be gaining ground among typists today, perhaps through the influence of desktop publishing. In any case, it's nothing to fret about.

The Easiest Way to Improve Your Grammar - wikiHow

Since publication of the third edition, ECMAScript has achieved massive adoption in conjunction with the World Wide Web where it has become the programming language that is supported by essentially all web browsers. Significant work was done to develop a fourth edition of ECMAScript. Although that work was not completed and not published as the fourth edition of ECMAScript, it informs continuing evolution of the language. The fifth edition of ECMAScript (published as ECMA-262 5th edition) codifies de facto interpretations of the language specification that have become common among browser implementations and adds support for new features that have emerged since the publication of the third edition. Such features include accessor properties, reflective creation and inspection of objects, program control of property attributes, additional array manipulation functions, support for the JSON object encoding format, and a strict mode that provides enhanced error checking and program security.

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