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Bilingualism in Turkey Firdevs Karahan 1152-1166 ()90.

Contact and Attitudes towards Bilingualism in Canada Margaret Adsett and Michael Morin 1-17 ()2.

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Problems of Bilingualism in Armenia Anaida Khachikyan 1187-1189 ()93.

Topics include linguistic development in bilingual children, codeswitching, language policy and ideology, bilingualism and the brain, language impairments, sociolinguistic studies of bilingual communities and migration, language shift and attrition, second language acquisition among children and adults, bilingualism in school settings, and much more.

The CD-ROM contains the entire proceedings in PDF format, so you can easily browse or search the entire proceedings and print the papers that you want to read.

Verb Movement Phenomena in Spanish:

R. N. Mantegna, S. V. Buldyrev, A. L. Goldberger, S. Havlin, C.-K. Peng, M. Simons, and H. E. Stanley.
Linguistic Features of Non-coding DNA Sequences,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 73, 3169-3172 (1994)
Calin, George A. et al.
Ultraconserved Regions Encoding ncRNAs Are Altered in Human Leukemias and Carcinomas
Cancer Cell , Volume 12 , Issue 3 , 215 – 229, 2007

Korean English Bilinguals (KEB) vs.

What Happened to the Linguistic Rights of Second Language Learners in California? Marta P.

Robinson, Peter M. W. "The One Text and the Many Texts." Making Texts for the Next Century. Spec. issue of Literary and Linguistic Computing 15.1 (2000): 5–14.

McGann makes several valuable and innovative suggestions, from the idea of a "continuous production text" to a clear distinction between a text's bibliographic and linguistic codes (in the important essay "What Is Critical Editing?").

Bilingual Risk Communication Bernd Meyer 1602-1613 ()127.

Using Language to Do School: Linguistic Minority Students and Academic Tasks George C.

Bilingual Identities in Question:
Social Identity Construction in a Dutch Islamic Primary Classroom
Massimiliano Spotti
2165-2179 ()


Revisiting Some Linguistic Concepts and Beliefs
in the Light of the Sociolinguistic Situation of Cameroon
Augustin Simo Bobda and Innocent Fasse Mbouya
2122-2132 ()


The Composition of the Bilingual Lexicon Annabelle David and Li Wei 594-607 ()45.
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  • Hidden Costs of Bilingual Education Elba B.

    Vocabulary Size and Accuracy of Monolingual and Bilingual Preschool Children Bohdana Allman 58-77 ()5.

  • Effect of Bilingualism on Intelligence Kalyani K.

    Official Bilingualism in Cameroon: Instrumental or Integrative Policy? Isaiah Munang Ayafor 123-142 ()10.

  • Bilingualism in South Asia: Friend or Foe? Harold F.

    Language Attitudes and Ethnolinguistic Identity in South Africa: A Critical Review Ian Bekker 233-239 ()18.

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Age Effects in Processing Bilinguals' Accented Speech Amee P.

McAlister, Kellie Rolstad, and Jeff MacSwan

Contents |

The 4th International Symposium on Bilingualism was held from April 30 to May 3, 2003, at Arizona State University.

LSA 2018 Annual Meeting | Linguistic Society of America

The proceedings includes 190 papers from the conference (see the table of contents below).

The papers in the ISB4 Proceedings examine bilingualism around the world, discussing the nature and effects of bilingualism in individuals and families, classrooms, communities, and countries.

LCDH - Linguistic Coding Differences Hypothesis | …

National and Official Languages in Nigeria:
Reflections on Linguistic Interference and the Impact
of Language Policy and Politics on Minority Languages
Emmanuel Aito
18-38 ()


LCDH stands for Linguistic Coding Differences Hypothesis

Functional Categories and Clause Structure in a Greek-English Speaking
Bilingual Patient with Broca's Aphasia: Evidence from Adverb Placement
Artemis Alexiadou and Stavroula Stavrakaki
39-57 ()


Advanced Review Linguistic relativity - Colorado …

The Interaction of the Bilingual's Two Phonetic Systems:
Differences in Early and Late Korean-English Bilinguals
Wendy Baker
163-174 ()


Advanced Review Linguistic relativity Phillip Wolff∗ and Kevin J

Code-switching and Preference Marking:
Disagreement in Persian/Azerbaijani Bilingual Conversation
Helena Bani-Shoraka
186-198 ()


1 way to abbreviate Linguistic Coding Differences Hypothesis

Strategies for Linguistic and Cultural Continuity
in Spanish based Catholic Religious Education Programs (Doctrina)
Patricia Baquedano-López, Rosa Leticia Leyva, and Tanya Barretto
199-209 ()


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