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Logic Synthesis and Verification Algorithms, G

Berkeley Logic Synthesis and Verification Group. ABC: A System for Sequential Synthesis and Verification.

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Logic Synthesis and Verification

The most compute-intensive parts can execute in the FPGA's programmable-logic fabric, while other parts can run on soft processor cores synthesized in the fabric.

Simulation will be done to verify the functionality and synthesis will be done to get the NETLIST.

Professor Marta Kwiatkowska is happy to supervise projects in the area of quantitative/probabilistic modelling, verification and synthesis, particularly those relating to the PRISM model checker. PRISM is an open source formal verification tool for analysis of probabilistic systems. PRISM has an which includes software for download, tutorial, manual, publications and many case studies. Students' own proposals in the broad area of theory, algorithms and implementation techniques for software verification/synthesis will also be considered.

Berkeley Logic Synthesis and Verification Group

At the same time, ARM is announcing its first synthesizable processor core specially designed for FPGAs: the Cortex-M1.

Until now, with one exception, ARM has permitted licensees to synthesize ARM processors in FPGAs for development purposes only, not for product deployment.

New Cortex-M1 Processor Core Is Optimized for FPGA IntegrationIn a radical departure from past policy, ARM will allow licensees to synthesize some of its embedded-processor cores in FPGAs and is optimizing these cores for programmable-logic fabrics.

Synthesis and Verification for Defect and Soft-error …

This research studies robust Synthesis and its System Level Impacts, and considers both ASIC and heterogeneous FPGA.

In this work, the design of Lossless 2-D DWT(Discrete Wavelet Transform) using Lifting Scheme Architecture will be modeled using the Verilog HDL andits functionality were verified using the Modelsim tool and can be synthesized using the Xilinx tool.

[1] C.

Thanks to a partnership with Synopsys, developers can license the 32-bit synthesizable processor for standard-cell implementations in ASICs as well as for FPGAs and structured ASICs.

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  • for logic synthesis and verification

    Verification and fault synthesis algorithm at switch …

  • Verification and fault synthesis algorithm at ..

    with an arithmetic solution for circuit verification and fault synthesis

  • The 26th International Workshop on Logic ..

    - IWLS 2017

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VLSI Design Verification and Testing - School of …

Funding sources
NSF CCR-0306682, "Design and Synthesis of Power Efficient Programmable Fabric"
UC MICRO 05, "Power Efficient and Variation Tolerant FPGA"
MICRO 06-07, "Circuit Optimization for Robustness and Power Efficiency "
UC Discovery Grant 193357, Cisco, and ICscape (2010-2012): "In-Place Logic Re-Synthesis for Design Closure"
UC Discovery Grant (180890), Cisco (2010-2012), "Reliable Circuits and Systems"
UC Discovery 2011 Proof of Concept Program (197728) for Acceleration of Technology Transfer, "Soft Error Mitigation for FPGA Based Systems"
In kind donations from Actel/Microsemi, Altera, Xilinx and JPL

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Courses

Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Heterogeneous FPGA. Small gates, such as AND2, XOR2 and MUX2, have been mixed with lookup tables () inside the programmable logic block (PLB) to reduce area and power and increase performance in . However, it is unclear whether incorporating macro-gates with wide inputs inside is beneficial. In this work, we first propose a methodology to extract a small set of logic functions that are able to implement a large portion of functions for given FPGA applications. Assuming that the extracted logic functions are implemented by macro-gates in , we then develop a complete synthesis flow for such heterogeneous with mixed and macro-gates. The flow includes a cut-based delay and area optimized technology mapping, a mixed binary integer and linear programming based area recovery algorithm to balance the resource utilization of macro-gates and for area-efficient packing, and a SAT-based packing. We finally evaluate the proposed heterogeneous FPGA using the newly developed flow and show that mixing LUT and macro-gates, both with 6 inputs, improves performance by 16.5% and reduces logic area by 30% compared to using merely 6-input . IWLS'07 [] and ICCAD'07 [].

Cadence Introduces the Conformal Smart Logic …

Reinforcement Learning (RL) is a known architecture for synthesising policies for Markov Decision Processes (MDP). We work on extending this paradigm to the synthesis of ‘safe policies’, or more general of policies such that a linear time property is satisfied. We convert the property into an automaton, then construct a product MDP between the automaton and the original MDP. A reward function is then assigned to the states of the product automaton, according to accepting conditions of the automaton. With this reward function, RL synthesises a policy that satisfies the property: as such, the policy synthesis procedure is `constrained' by the given specification. Additionally, we show that the RL procedure sets up an online value iteration method to calculate the maximum probability of satisfying the given property, at any given state of the MDP. We evaluate the performance of the algorithm on numerous numerical examples. This project will provide extensions of these novel and recent results.

Blog - Intelligent Decentralized Networks Initiatives (IDNI)

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: hardwaresynthesis and optimization; software synthesis; hardware/softwareco-synthesis; power and timing analysis; testing, validation andverification; synthesis for reconfigurable architectures; hardwarecompilation for domain-specific languages; designexperiences. Submissions on modeling, analysis and synthesis foremerging technologies and platforms are particularly encouraged.

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