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Nitronium perchlorate - Wikipedia

How to Cite. Lyn, D. and Williams, H. 2001. Nitrosyl Chloride. e-EROS Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis. .

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Nitryl chloride: Except where ..

(electrophilic and radical nitrosating agent for synthesis of a wide range of nitroso compounds, diazotization, and deamination; addition to alkenes yields chloronitroso derivatives; at high temperatures will chlorinate alkanes)

Nitrogen compounds have a very long history, ammonium chloride having been known to Herodotus

Nitration of trichloroethylene using a nitrating mixture with subsequent treatment with alkali hypochlorite appears to serve as an industrial production of chloropicrin. Thus, trichloroethylene is converted into chloropicrin in 82.6% selectivity, representing 71.2% yield.
The formation of chloronitroacetyl chloride and nitryl chloride upon nitration of trichloroethylene may be visualized as follows. Upon elimination of chlorosulfonic acid from CHClNO2-CCl2OSO3H formed by the simultaneous addition of NO2+ and HSO4- to the starting material, chloronitroacetyl chloride is formed. From the chlorosulfonic acid so formed and free nitric acid, in the presence of sulfuric acid, nitryl chloride is formed.
The formation of chloropicrin from chloronitroacetyl chloride may be explained as follows. Chloronitroacetyl chloride is converted into the salt of nitrocarboxylic acid in an aqueous alkaline solution. It is then decarboxylated and chlorinated to chloropicrin.

Examples include nitryl fluoride (NOF) and nitryl chloride ..

Quantification of nitryl chloride at part per ..

Synthesis of ROI and RNI by phagocytes. Professional phagocytes (macrophages or neutrophils) generate ROI and RNI by the myeloperoxidase (MPO), the inducible (or type 2) NO synthase (iNOS or NOS2) and the NADPH oxidase. There are several known interactions between these antimicrobial effector pathways, including (a) the consumption of peroxide (H2O2), generated from superoxide ( ) by the action of superoxide dismutase, in the MPO pathway; (b) the utilization of NOS2‐derived nitrite ( ) in the MPO pathway, leading to the production of nitryl chloride (NO2Cl) and nitrogen dioxide (.NO2) and (c) the generation of peroxynitrite (ONOO) from nitric oxide (.NO) and superoxide ( ).

(HNO 3), nitryl chloride (ClNO 2) or nitrate esters; the ..

Previous syntheses have involved the initial preparation of nitryl fluoride ..

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  • respectively, but with fluorine yields nitryl ..

    Nitryl chloride synthesis; ..

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    nitryl fluoride((no2)f) ..

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