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(1930)An economic history of shipbuilding and marine engineering. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.

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The project team is looking for PhD students with an interest in AF who can, under their supervision, plan and conduct projects to contribute to the study. Potential projects include further extension and follow-up of the retrospective hospital registry, prospective recruitment of AF patients from hospitals and primary care, investigation of the impact of frailty on anticoagulant prescribing in elderly patients and the development and testing of interventions to improve anticoagulant prescribing and patient outcomes.

The British debate about maritime air power in the 1960s. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.

Candidates from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Knowledge and skills that will be ranked highly include: educational sociology, social theory, cultural geography, and/or rich qualitative research methodologies. Candidates with a background in school teaching are particularly encouraged to apply.

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, USCGR (Ret.), the president of Norwich University writes in Politico:

Using mixed methods, the research will contribute to educational processes that enable children and young people to connect and identify with different people, places and conditions (languages, cultural practices and conditions) to create social cohesion.

This project is one supported by academics from the Mathematics and Science Education Research Centre which comprises a group of strong researchers with a focus on STEM in education and is housed within the School of Education.

What is the best title thesis for marine engineering student

This project is one supported by academics from the Mathematics and Science Education Research Centre which comprises a group of strong researchers with a focus on STEM in education and is housed within the School of Education.

Cultural Transformations through Education (CTE) is a newly established research group in the Faculty of Education. The scholars in this research group share a sustained committed to education research that makes a difference in society. We seek to answer important questions about what works in education policy and practice around issues of culture, space and place, rural and regional education, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and sovereignty, equity and social justice issues, social and schooling dis/advantage and in/exclusion, as well as a range of other issues. We bring to these topics our experience of innovation in pedagogy and critical theory, and a commitment to understanding and solving real world problems for local and global community benefit.

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  • List Of Post Graduate Thesis in engineering project management

    Richard wrote a textbook, Flight Test Engineering Methods, and has written papers on the same subject.

  • in electrical engineering or a Ph.D

    I am also interested in mathematics education research at university level.

  • PhD Scholarships for International Students, 2017/18

    Linear and non-linear computational method development and application in biomedical and materials engineering.

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What is missing from the separation of these analyses is the increasingly complex intermingling of the local and the global. Today, multiple connections are required across social and geographic space to build strong and resilient communities. This doctoral project will examine both the tensions and connections between pedagogies of belonging and pedagogies of aspirational mobility in rural Tasmania through a multi-method analysis of quantitative data sets, documentary analysis and qualitative interviewing of pre-service and in-service teachers, students and parents. This project aligns with the university research themes of Culture, Change and Society and Data, Knowledge and Decision. This project will also seek to influence policy and practice helping educators answer the pressing question, "how can teachers simultaneous support belonging, community building, individual aspirations and mobility?"

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Low levels of educational attainment in rural Australia are increasingly framed in the psychological register of discourses of aspirations. Considerable research has examined the way that rural schools are often community-focussed institutions that support belonging. Other research examines the way that rural schools expect and support teaching and student engagement that foster the outmigration of young people from the community.

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How do science teachers manage questions and topics that bridge science, philosophy, ethics, religion or spiritual beliefs? How do they build students' confidence and ability to ask important questions in this space? Questions such as these would form the basis of a research project. The research will be undertaken with initial teacher education students, to see how capable they feel in providing opportunities for students to grapple with cross-disciplinary ideas that assist us to understand what it means to Be Human. It will also explore the nuances of the nature of science, the stereotypical views of science, and the power and limits of science to explain what it means to be human. The research could utilise and build upon resources developed in the UK suitable to the Australian context, for use with students and teachers.

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While the acronym, STEM, has been around for some time, authentic teaching and learning experiences of STEM without the full stops (S.T.E.M.) are still rare. In formal learning settings, school and university, students learn in subjects - science, technology, engineering and mathematics, but may not be taught the explicit links between, and co-dependencies of the STEM disciplines. Such understandings are essential to scientific research.

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