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It is one of those words (like ) that looks like a plural but is etymologically singular.

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That we may have gone a bit too far as to number is suggested by the fact that we keep inventing slang or regional plural forms such as "y'all," "youse," and lately "you guys," to avoid the confusion that occasionally arises from having just one pronoun for both singular and plural.

'Ye' and 'you' served both as the formal singular, and as plural for formal and informal.

"Ye" and "you" (or maybe only "you" -- see below) first became the formal singular form and then replaced "thou" and "thee" entirely, leaving English in the relatively unusual position of distinguishing, in the second person, neither between formal and informal nor between singular and plural.

Singular and plural forms of noun

200 — 'World, whether it be in the singular number or plural, may betoken plurally or indefinitely, and as much adverbially as

It should be : "Once it meant causing someone to lose *his or her* way in the wild." The word "someone" is singular and thus "their" in the sentence, which is plural, is incorrect.

(Hilariously, many people who are otherwise quite happy grammar nazis use "they" in informal speech and don't even realize it.)

It surprises most people that "you" (then spelt "eow") began as the 2nd-person plural in Anglo-Saxon, and gradually displaced "thou" (then spelt "thu") as the singular.

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Whether that had already occurred when the plural form became the formal singular form -- i.e., whether "ye" was ever used as a singular form -- is something I don't know; but I don't recall ever reading anything in which it was used that way.

The second-person plural pronoun was "ye," pronounced "yee" and not "thee," in the nominative and "you" in the accusative.

"Thou" and "thee" became the informal singular form and then disappeared entirely.

A prosthesis is the singular noun that means “artificial body part.” The word prostheses is the plural of that word.
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    plural of prosthesis.

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The reason(s) for the plural-to-singular shift are not entirely clear, but the change must have been widespread vocally before it started showing up in the written records of the day.

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Examples include the masculine Old English oxa (which gives us the modern singular ox and the plural oxen), and the feminine word tunge (which gives us the modern word tongue).

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1/97, from Melinda:
I was trained that the proper plural of a singularword ending in "s" was "s's," so this would be "Gowers's" and not"Gowers'." Does anybody have an authoritative reference to stateotherwise?from Bill Bentsen:
Either way is correct -- depending on the pronunciation your desire.

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This implies a singular word 'kudo', not to be found in any standard dictionary, which would nornally have a plural 'kudoes', as in 'echoes', 'haloes', 'heroes'...There are not many four-lettered English words ending in 'o', other than those borrowed directly from Spanish in recent time, which usually do form their plurals by just by adding an 's', pronounced as a 'z'.

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