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Shoulder Prosthesis: Shoulder Replacement or Shoulder Arthroplasty

Most people return to all of their normal activities after shoulder replacement. In fact, many patients are able to do more because their motion is improved and their pain is decreased. Activities that involve a significant lifting or accelerate the arm (golf, tennis) are allowed 6 months after surgery. While there is no consensus among shoulder experts, in general it is recommended that you do not frequently lift over 25 pounds after a shoulder replacement. This is not to say that is cannot be done occasionally (like for lifting a suitcase). But, if someone does frequent lifting, particularly at or above shoulder level, the prosthesis is more likely to wear out.

When is a shoulder prosthesis required

The Boston Shoulder Institute is based at the Massachusetts General Hospital. We specialize in management of all problems affecting the shoulder and have a particular emphasis on management of failed treatments, arthroscopic reconstruction, joint replacement for arthritis, and more. Read our , , or to learn more.

Problems Unique To the Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

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Multiaxis feet (such as the Greissinger) have liabilities similar to the single-axis versions but add extra degrees of freedom in hindfoot inversion/eversion and transverse rotation. In addition to accommodating uneven ground, absorbing some of the torque of walking, and protecting the patient's skin from shear stresses, multiaxis feet seem to decrease the wear on the other prosthetic mechanisms as well.

It is well accepted that any fluid-control mechanism (hydraulic or pneumatic) results in a smoother gait. Motion studies conducted at Northwestern University have confirmed that a more normal gait for the hip dis-articulation/transpelvic amputee is also produced. Gait analysis has demonstrated that utilization of a hydraulic knee in a hip disarticulation prosthesis results in a significantly more normal range of motion at the hip joint during the walking cycle than is possible with conventional knees. In addition, a more rapid cadence was also possible.

The reverse shoulder replacement does exactly as the ..

For many years, the use of fluid-controlled knee mechanisms for high-level amputees was considered unwarranted since these individuals obviously walked at only one (slow) cadence. The development of hip flexion bias mechanisms and more propulsive foot designs have challenged this assumption. Furthermore, a more sophisticated understanding of the details of prosthetic locomotion has revealed an additional advantage of fluid control for the hip-level amputee.

At first glance, a manual locking knee seems a logical choice. However, experience has shown that this is rarely required and should be reserved as a prescription of last resort. Only additional medical disabilities such as blindness will require this mechanism. Unlocking the knee joint in order to sit requires the use of one hand in the unilateral case; expecting a bilateral amputee to cope with dual locking knees and dual locking hips is unrealistic. Furthermore, in the event of a fall backwards, fully locked joints may prevent the amputee from bending his trunk to protect his head from impact.

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Reverse shoulder arthroplasty leads to significant …

A third type that has proved advantageous for this level of amputation is the polycentric (four-bar) knee. Although slightly heavier than the previous two types, this component offers maximum stance-phase stability. Because the stability is inherent in the multilinkage design, it does not erode as the knee mechanism wears during use. In addition, all polycentric mechanisms tend to "shorten" during swing phase, thus adding slightly to the toe clearance at that time. Many of the endoskeletal designs feature a readily adjustable knee extension stop. This permits significant changes to the biomechanical stability of the prosthesis, even in the definitive limb. Because of the powerful stability, good durability, and realignment capabilities of the endoskeletal polycentric mechanisms, they are particularly well suited for the bilateral amputee. Patients with all levels of amputation, up to and including translumbar (hemicorporectomy), have successfully ambulated with these components.

PPT – Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty PowerPoint …

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for reverse total shoulder arthroplasty in rotator cuff disease

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Reverse Shoulder Replacement - University of …

2. Gartsman GM, Roddey TS, Hammerman SM. Shoulder arthroplasty with or without resurfacing of the glenoid in patients who have osteoarthritis. J Bone Joint Surg Am 2000;82:26-34.

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