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Scope and Delimitations – Thesis Notes

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What are the scope and limitations in a thesis

In Table 2 the list of 10 specific services (Moseley and Owen, 2008) is used to investigate the scope of ownership, funding and provision. As illustrated, there is a significant ambiguity as to define whether the services are private, public/statutory or voluntary. In rural settings the boundaries are even more contested than in areas with other features.

It is important to narrow down your thesis topic and limit the scope of your study

5.3 RECOMMENDATIONS The freedom of the press should be guaranteed. If this is done, it will serve as veritable instrument for the growth of democracy I Nigeria. This is because a responsible press is since idea none to the existence of a virtue political system. It is role and constitution in the process of political education and socialization in the process of political education and socialization is invaluable Nigeria press should increase their traditional role of being the watch dog and sensitize the electorate to the realities of the political system. A responsible press expected to be neutral i.e. Non-partisan. The press also should play the role of checking electoral practice and serve as the minor of the society. Through purposeful editorial and news items, members of the society we be aware of the benefits of free and fair elections as well as the dangers of mal-practices during elections thereby refrain from such. Another inevitable measure which if taken will help in correcting the short coming of achieving democracy in Nigeria is to ensure the independence of the judiciary. The Judges should be independent enough on order to create a lasting democracy government in Nigeria. The judge should not be influenced either by the executive or by the legislature so that it can be able to perform its duty with out fear or favour. The judges should be given the freehand to call to book to any politician found guilty of invocating the electoral laws. Like his the press, the judiciary serves as a watch dog to both the executives and the legislature. Besides the judges should be competent enough to see any lout’s made by the executive or legislature as being unconstitutional and at the same time make sure that such law(s) does not or do not have any effect or the country. A fundamental measure that should be taken in order to curb the electoral mal-practices also create a condition of free and fair election is that the results should be released immediately after the elections. Every political conscious observers would agree with me that election are rigged mainly when it is being delayed. Some political culprits purposely influence the electoral body to delay the results so as that they can manipulate the election to their own faviour. Here the whole blame goes to the National electoral body. The electoral body should be competent, honest and well disciplined to discharge their duty without fear or favour. On other important means of making elections free and fair and at the same time create a very conducive environment for democracy politically; the system of voting and generally, the political norms values, behaviors should be inculcated in the electorates as that they can participate effectively and actively political affairs of the country. This is called political socialization. This process should not only be carried out by the press but also by religious institutions like churches, peer groups, school, families etc. once this is done, the electorate will be aware on what to do and will not allow any person to influence his or her voting behaviour. Another step that can be taken with the view of making elections free and fair which is an ingredient of democracy is delimitations of constancies. This means that the electoral body should delimit the constituencies in such an access to voting during an election. The crannies of the country so that every qualified electorate will exercise his or her franchise. Period election is very means of ensuring a lasting democracy. Election, most have to be done in a specified year. For instance in the constitution of Nigeria his another election have to be held in the four years. The government should stick to this provision of the constitution. Periodic election shows the electorate the opportunity to re-elect those representative that did well in the past regime and vote against the ones they feel that did not represent them very well. Another meaning to be taken to help correct the sustaining of achieving democracy in Nigeria is by making politics not to appear as divine as it is now, Rather, government should at all levels of government in Nigeria lay a serious emphasis an those basic social needs so as to eradicate in the nearest future the aspect of Nigeria development which increase the primary on politics. For example advanced countries like United States of American, Britain etc, have other attractive means or opportunity like of achieving socio-economic poverty and recognition. The existence of multi-party system is a very significant step that can be taken to ensure free and fair elections Nigeria. This system obviously owed ensures and give the electorate the opportunity to make his choice adequately and properly. As regard the manifesto of the parties in question, the electorate would be in the position to go through them and identify the party that satisfies his conscience and he will so the cast his votes to that particular party. The use of law enforcement agents as a means of security is another hallmark means of ensuring free and fair election which is one of the most features democracies. The law enforcement after like the policies or army other per-military agents should be stained in all the electoral both in order to guarantee peace and transquity and at the same time serves as a sense of security to the electorates. Finally, in order to remove the obstacles of democracy in Nigeria, electoral process include meting out drastic penalties like serving dial terms of between five deviates electoral behaviours. Election And Electoral Process: (A Case Study Of Secret Ballot System In Nigeria)

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Scope and Delimitation

Accordingly, Vital Rural Area is a reference point for the study, and basic conceptualizations are provided from the project. However, that scope of the paper is broader, as it addresses, reflects and develops the issue of developing the service related policy measures into a guiding framework for policy makers.

In earlier times the rural population was regarded as a fairly homogeneous population group, and yet in many respects different from the urban population. Today, the aspirations related to quality of life for rural citizens are converging with the aspirations of urban citizens (OECD, 2010; Moseley and Owen, 2008). The literature on rural lifestyles tends to state that the distinction between these two groups of citizens has become less weighty over time. This has consequences for the demand of rural services, which in scale and scope becomes still more similar to the demand of services in urban areas. The supply formats of services may, however, still be different in rural due to smaller and more dispersed populations, longer distances and limited availability of delivery infrastructure. The“unit cost of delivery” is, under these circumstances normally higher(Hindle and Annibal 2011, p. 7). A Scottish study on co-location of rural services states that: “In rural areas, more flexible and innovative routes of service delivery may (…) be required” (Moran et al, 2007, p. ii).

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What is the scope and limitation of a study?

I had set delimitations for the study and two of them were as follows: 1. The participants of the focus group should be currently employed as construction managers....

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