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I have saline implants since 2006. I developed various ailments around 2010. Doctors said they were peri-menopausal symptoms. In 2012 I ceased menstruation. Three months later, I felt very ill with many of the implant toxicity symptoms. After four months, I slowly felt better yet was plagued by many symptoms. I was told my hormones were out of whack. A few months ago, I started bio-identical hormones. I now feel better than I have in years though I still have ups and downs with symptoms. I am now unsure if I actually have implant toxicity. I am also afraid to have them removed since they have changedy life for the better. After getting implants, other women treated me like a normal woman and not an outcast. My personality is the same. So the implants have been a godsend. Is there any “natural” type of implant? I hate to remove them only to find out my problems are indeed due to hormones. Any surgeons recommended in northeast NC?

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I can not recommend Dr. Linda Huang in Demver enough! I traveled from another state to have her do my explant. I just had it done August 30. She is amazing and an absolute expert. They even needed an additional hour to complete my surgery because she wasn’t satisfied with the results at the end of the estimated time and she stayed in there until it was finished which I know a lot of surgeons would not do. My results were unbelievable in a good way given how bad my breasts were before. I would go to her a thousand times over. She is the best. Also I heavily researched an interviewed surgeons all over the US for a month before I decided on her and I am so glad I did.

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The perfect nipple? After a mastectomy, Michelle Kolath-Arbel of Israel learned to make lifelike silicone nipples, and founded Pink Perfect to sell them worldwide.

I’ve had Kaiser for 25 yrs and they have never checked me for any of these diseases. How can I find out if I have hashimoto, fibromyalgia and these other issues? So far I have been diagnosed with chronic depression, gerd, ibs, unexplained weight gain, hair loss, joint pain, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, bulging discs, arthritis, anxiety disorder, night sweats(now fully post menopausal) and deep chronic depression. My endocrinologist cannot find out what is causing my symptoms. She says I need more estrogen and sends me on my way. It’s not helping. I have an appt with her Dec 3rd. I am going to ask her point blank if it could be my implants and I will be recording this conversation. Anyone have suggestions on questions I should ask her?

I’m new to this group and so far am only seeing mention of silicone – mine is saline. Where can I find the most updated information on saline implants?
Thank you so much. Susan.

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FREE shipping and no taxes! Finding a quality silicone breast prosthesis or form used to be a daunting task before The Breastform Store came was established 1993!

Thousands of ladies have breast implant illness and as such we created a Facebook support group where you can chat with 30,000 other ladies who have been through the same symptoms, finding a surgeon, surgery, recovery, detoxification and healing. Or you can click the Facebook button at the end of any page of this website which will also take you directly to the support group.

Thousands of ladies have breast implant illness and as such we created a Facebook support group where you can chat with 30,000 other ladies who have been through the same symptoms, finding a surgeon, surgery, recovery, detoxification and healing. Or you can click the Facebook button at the end of any page of this website which will also take you directly to the support group.

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If you want an immediate solution for nipple restoration while you wait for readiness to make a permanent choice, Naturally Impressive's affordable pricing makes this easy to do! Wearing our prosthetic nipple gives you an everyday feeling of "normal" that eases the emotional pressure so you can take your time in making an irreversible permanent decision... 3D nipple tattoos, breast tattoos, surgical nipple reconstruction. Or maybe you'll discover that Naturally Impressive silicone nipples DO provide the solution you were looking for all along!

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Michelle Kolath-Arbel survived breast cancer and went on to launch Pink Perfect, a company that creates adhesive silicone nipple prostheses for breast cancer patients recovering from surgery.

Complications of reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery

My prostheses are ready-made ($280 for two) or custom-made ($410-$480 for two) silicone nipples, and they come in eight different color variations. They're waterproof, so women can swim and shower with them on. They feel like real skin, and they stick on with a medical adhesive, typically for about a week before you need to reapply. With proper care, they can last for years. I have sold over 1,000, and I still make them all myself. I'm a fanatic about it. As long as I can, I'll keep doing this, it's that important to me. Yes, it's a business, but even if women don't buy anything from me, I want them to know they have an option that doesn't require more surgery.

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Implanted with Allergan Silicone implants in 2009 duty to prophylactic double mastectomy. Started having strange symptoms within 2 months. Doctors had no idea what it was. Hypothyroid turned into Hashimotos disease. Thyroid antibody 500+. Brain fog so bad that when I was speaking I didn’t make sense. Couldn’t breath, out of breath all the time.
Explanted 10/20/17.
Some of my symptoms subsided after a few months. I can now ride a stationary bike for 15 min and haven’t been able to get past 6 min. Looking forward to getting up to 30 min.
My brain fog has gotten so much better.

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I had a Bi-lateral Subcutaneous Mastectomy in 1986. I was told that my doctor did not use silicone, so I felt that my implants were “safe”. One year after my implants were inserted into my body, my whole immune system broke down, and I did not know why. Going from doctor to doctor, finally a doctor told me that I had systemic candida from all the antibiotics that I had been taking for years and years for my respiratory issues., I bought the diagnosis and tried to move on.

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