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Spondylolisthesis and Chiropractic Care

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Spondylolisthesis: A spinal condition for chiropractic care

A condition called can also cause the slippage that happens with spondylolisthesis. Spondylolysis is a defect in the bony ring of the spinal column. It affects the pars interarticularis, mentioned above. This defect is most commonly thought to be a "stress fracture" that happens from repeated strains on the bony ring. Participants in gymnastics and football commonly suffer these strains. Spondylolysis can lead to the spine slippage of spondylolisthesis when a fracture occurs on both sides of the bony ring. The back section of the bony ring separates from the main vertebral body, so the injured vertebra is no longer connected by bone to the one below it. In this situation, the facet joints can't provide their normal support. The vertebra on top is then free to slip forward over the one below.

Anterolisthesis, Retrolisthesis, and Chiropractic Care

Your doctor may also order an (magnetic resonance imaging scan). The MRI machine uses magnetic waves rather than X-rays to show the soft tissues of the body. It can help in the diagnosis of spondylolisthesis. It can also provide information about the health of nerves and other soft tissues.

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Degenerative changes in the spine (those from wear and tear) can also lead to spondylolisthesis. The spine ages and wears over time, much like hair turns gray. These changes affect the structures that normally support healthy spine alignment. Degeneration in the disc and facet joints of a spinal segment causes the vertebrae to move more than they should. The segment becomes loose, and the added movement takes a additional toll on the structures of the spine. The disc weakens, pressing the facet joints together. Eventually, the support from the facet joints becomes ineffective, and the top vertebra slides forward. Spondylolisthesis from degeneration usually affects people over 40 years old. It mainly involves slippage of L4 over L5.

Nonsurgical treatment for spondylolisthesis commonly involves physical therapy. Your doctor may recommend that you work with a physical therapist a few times each week for four to six weeks. In some cases, patients may need a few additional weeks of care.

Spondylolisthesis - Richmond Chiropractic Care

This condition varies in severity, and Dr. Sheehan will carefully examine you to determine what phase you are in. Because chiropractors specialize in caring for low-back issues, using methods other than surgery, Dr. Sheehan can address the mechanical and neurological causes of spondylolisthesis without invasive surgery. He will prescribe specific exercises that encourage muscular stability in the pelvis, which can help correct spondylolisthesis, and he will let you know if spinal decompression therapy would help you – all based on the grade of your condition

When one vertebra slips forward over the vertebra below it spondylolisthesis occurs. It happens most often in the lumbar spine (the low back) because that part of the spine bears the most weight and absorbs the most directional pressures. The low back has to carry your body weight, so it has to rotate quite a bit, and this can put so much stress on the vertebrae that spondylolisthesis occurs.

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The human spine is made up of twenty-four spinal bones, called Vertebrae are stacked on top of one another to create the . The spinal column gives the body its form. It is the body's main upright support. The section of the spine in the lower back is called the

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