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In Arabian Desert, a Sustainable City Rises - The New …

Sustainable Communities - A New Design Synthesis for Cities, Suburbs and Towns

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Sustainable development goals - United Nations

In emerging economies such as India, where 70–80 percent of the 2030 built environment has yet to be constructed, there is tremendous potential to implement best-in-class building practices in current new construction in order to avoid “locking in” decades of inefficiency and more costly renovations later. In most developed economies, renovation of existing buildings provides the largest opportunity, as the majority of buildings that will make up the urban environment by the year 2030 already exist. For cities like New York this percentage is as high as 85 percent. Nevertheless, both developed and developing countries need to focus on the sustainability of the built environment.

Sustainable Development Goals - Wikipedia

This guide provides local governments and other urban policy stakeholders with the background, guidance, and tools to accelerate building efficiency action in their communities. It is intended to be an accessible primer on the fundamentals of advancing efficiency in buildings. Cities aspiring to improve municipal building performance may find it especially valuable as a reference guide to be used as the city progresses from “making the case,” to prioritizing and sequencing actions, then implementing and tracking results. Cities at a more advanced stage in their building efficiency programs may want to refer to specific sections of the report when initiating activities in a policy area that is new for them, or share content from it when engaging new stakeholder groups.

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Many of the most prestigious hotel and resort chains have concluded that there is merit in being seen to be green and advertise their environmental policies and practices on their websites – including for their properties in SIDS. The incentive for more conventional hotel and resort properties to become more sustainable is normally economic, as few SIDS have strong regulation requiring hotels to have, for example, Environmental Management Systems or conservation programs. Actions which reduce energy and water use can be very financially beneficial; water system separation and energy retrofits (particularly when replacement or renovation is scheduled) can pay off in short term – as little as two or three years for many renovations and for simple retrofits (better shades and switches which turn off lights and air conditioning) in less than six months. The payoffs are likely to be most visible where hotels and resorts either make their own electricity or must purchase it at high prices – a condition found in many SIDS. Similarly, water retrofits are most beneficial where water costs are highest – such as where a resort must desalinate its own water. Use of new technology is beginning – for example the use of wind turbines but some tourists object to what they consider visual pollution and in many SIDS, average wind speed is quite low making current wind turbines not cost effective. As noted earlier, the equipment and capacity to install these kinds of systems is in short supply in SIDS. There are also perceptual barriers. Many Maldives resort managers understood the advantage of solar panels, but were reluctant to deface the “grass hut” ambience of the rooftops of their resorts – in a destination where most visitors see the resort first by air as they arrive by sea plane. Initiatives by International players like the Global Sustainable Tourism Council to develop certification standards for destinations as a whole, as well as for specific properties may catalyze more destination level greening in future. As noted earlier, many of the larger chains already understand the merits of the green-blue economy and are moving to green their own properties; some are the catalyst for broader greening of destinations promoting better protection of beaches, garbage collection, and effective protection of the ecosystems on which their profits are based.

Online TDM Encyclopedia - Community Livability

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  • By: Stephanie Marino, LA Designer

    The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations

  • NERC - Towards a Sustainable Earth pre-announcement

    Featured Books - New Urbanism

  • Globalization, Climate Change, and Human Health — NEJM

    United Nations News Centre

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