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UDP-d-glucuronic acid 4-epimerase - MDPI

(1978) Nephrotoxicity of cis-diamminedichloroplatinum as measured by urinary beta glucuronidase.

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(1986) Immuno-histochemical demonstration of increased glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in preneoplastic and neoplastic lesions induced by propylnitrosamines in F 344 rats and Syrian hamsters.

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The significance of PG synthesis in the medullary cells cannot, however, be overlooked, as it may play an important role in regulating blood pressure and other renal functions.

Glucose-alanine cycle: contents in brief Mercapturic acid synthesis The formation of glutathione conjugates is the first in the pathway of renal metabolism to mercapturic acid.

Conjugation Glucuronide conjugation Sulfate conjugation Glutathione conjugation Mercapturic acid synthesis Amino acid conjugation

They are synthesized from the C20:4 fatty acid arachidonic acid by an enzyme system (which includes cyclo-oxygenases, peroxidases, isomerases, and reductases) collectively called PG synthetase.

What is the glucose-alanine cycle

These metabolites are the glucuronic acid and sulfate conjugates (Siegers & Klaassen, 1984) and the glutathione conjugate (Hinson et al., 1982).

There is evidence to suggest that either can be mobilized to provide an energy source or the glucose units for the synthesis of the other macromolecular carbohydrates (Darnton, 1967, 1969).

Muirhead & Pitcock (1980) reported that medullary interstitial cells synthesize PoGs (both in situ and in culture) and that these macromolecules are associated with the cellular cisternae (dilated rough endoplasmic reticulum).

Functional cloning and characterization of a UDP- glucuronic acid decarboxylase: The pathogenic fungus Cryptococcus neoformans elucidates UDP-xylose synthesis
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    Carbohydrates: definition, classification, functions

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The pentose phosphate shunt provides sugars for RNA and DNA synthesis, and the activation of this pathway is probably closely related to certain phenotypic changes, such as an increase in ribosomes and an enhanced cell proliferation in preneoplastic and neoplastic lesions.

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The activity of a number of urinary enzymes, including alanine aminopeptidase, N-acetyl-ß-D-glucosaminidase, leucine aminopeptidase and ß-glucurinidase, has been shown to be elevated as early as 36-48 h after cisplatin treatment (Kuhn et al., 1978; Jones et al., 1980).

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Organic ion accumulation and gluconeogenesis in renal cortical slices may be poor indicators of early toxic effects to the kidney resulting from cisplatin administration because these parameters are not affected except at high doses.

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The role of co-oxidation of substrates as a consequence of PG synthesis has become an attractive mechanistic basis on which to explain papillary damage (Fig.

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However, this drug decreases ammoniagenesis from glutamine not only in S3, but also in S2, suggesting a discrepancy between morphological and biochemical evaluations, although cisplatin does not affect gluconeogenesis in isolated nephron segments (Nakada et al., 1986b).

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Uridine diphosphate (UDP)-glucose dehydrogenase, the enzyme that converts UDP-glucose to UDP-glucuronic acid, was derepressed in a mucoid (capR9) strain of Escherichia coli K-12 and repressed in a nonmucoid (capR+) strain. A nonmucoid mutant (strain MC 152; capR9 non-2) derived from the mucoid strain accumulated large quantities of nucleotides. Among these nucleotides, UDP-glucuronic acid was identified as well as guanosine triphosphate and an adenosine diphosphate-sugar. UDP-glucose dehydrogenase was still derepressed in strain MC 152. When the nonmucoid mutant was transduced to the wild-type state for this regulator gene (capR+), the transductant was found to accumulate less total nucleotides, and the accumulation of UDP-glucuronic acid was abolished. UDP-glucose dehydrogenase was repressed in the capR+non-2 strain but not to the same extent that it was in the capR+ strain.

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