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(5) National Agency refers to a unit of the National Government.


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(2) Implement agency programs in the region;

(11) The National Industrial Manpower Training Council shall act as the umbrella agency to coordinate and operate the Cottage Industry Technology Center, the Construction Manpower Development Foundation, and the Construction Manpower Development Center and perform other functions such as initiating specialized industrial training centers and identifying supply-demand factors and industrial skills subject to the direction formulated by the National Manpower and Youth Council; and

(c) Coordinate with regional offices of other departments, bureaus and agencies in the area;

(6) The Secretary shall have authority to modify or amend any allotment previously issued. In case he shall find at any time that the probable receipts from taxes or other sources of any fund will be less than anticipated and that as a consequence the amount available for the remainder of the term of the appropriations or for any allotment period will be less than the amount estimated or allotted therefor, he shall, with the approval of the President and after notice to the department or agency concerned, reduce the amount or amounts allotted so as to conform to the targeted budgetary goals.

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(5) Releases of funds appropriated for a given agency may be made to its regional offices if dictated by the need and urgency of regional activities.

(4) At the end of every quarter, each department or agency shall report to the Secretary the current status of its appropriations, the cumulative allotments, obligations incurred or liquidated, total disbursements, unliquidated obligations and unexpended balances and the results of expended appropriations.

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(3) Request for allotment shall be approved by the Secretary who shall ensure that expenditures are covered by appropriations both as to amount and purpose and who shall consider the probable needs of the department or agency for the remainder of the fiscal year or period for which the appropriation was made.

(1) Appropriations authorized for any Department or agency of the Government may be made available for expenditure when the head of each Department or agency submits to the Secretary a request for allotment of funds showing the estimated amounts needed for each function, activity or purpose for which the funds are to be expended during the applicable allotment period. The form and the time of submission of the request for allotment showing the proposed quarterly allotments of the whole authorized appropriation for the department or agency, shall be prescribed by the Secretary.

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    (a) Implement laws, policies, plans, programs, rules and regulations of the department or agency in the regional area;

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    (1) Implement laws, policies, rules and regulations within the responsibility of the agency;

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The balances of continuing appropriations shall be reviewed as part of the annual budget preparation process and the preparation process and the President may approve upon recommendation of the Secretary, the reversion of funds no longer needed in connection with the activities funded by said continuing appropriations. Section 29. - Expenditures funded by foreign and domestic borrowings shall be included within the expenditure program of the agency concerned. Loan proceeds, whether in cash or in kind, shall not be used without the corresponding release of funds through a Special Budget as herein provided.

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- The General Appropriations Act shall be presented in the form of budgetary programs and projects for each agency of the government, with the corresponding appropriations for each program and project, including statutory provisions of specific agency or general applicability. The General Appropriations Act shall not contain any itemization of personal services, which shall be prepared by the Secretary after enactment of the General Appropriations Act, for consideration and approval of the President.

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Section 21. - Appropriations for personal services shall be considered as included in the amount specified for each budgetary program and project of each department, Bureau, office or agency, and shall not be itemized. The itemization of personal services shall be prepared by the Secretary for consideration and approval of the President as provided in Section 23 hereof: Provided, That itemization of personal services shall be prepared for all agencies of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches and the Constitutional bodies, except as may be otherwise approved by the President for positions concerned with national security matters.

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Departments and agencies shall sub-allot in full and without the imposition of reserves, the approved budget allocation of their various regional offices, except as may be authorized by the Secretary, in case realignment of expenditures prove to be necessary in the course of budget execution. The Secretary shall issue the rules and regulations needed to implement the provisions of this section.

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The Secretary shall identify by region the expenditure programs of the national government agencies in the national government budget, and release funds to national government agencies in accordance with the approved regional distribution of expenditures, specifying the region of destination.

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