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Child labor is the misuse and exploitation of children at work.

The various factors contributing to the dilemma of child labor will be touched upon throughout as well....

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Today, there are about 186 million child laborers (Srivastava, 1)....

Through several facts, articles, and stories this paper will dive into the problems that many face on a daily basis due to their situation in child labor.

The children earn about a penny for every pound of onions picked” (Child Labour Stories).

Child Labor is when children younger than a set age are sent off to be employed to provide for their family instead of attending school to further their education (Haile 366; Cullen 9).

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This is known as child labor, where children are risking their lives daily for money.

Whether an individual is in favor or against child labor the fact is that child labor affects everyone, because child labor affects the global economy.

The problems associated with child labor have always been a part of life but thanks to Globalization, everyone is now more aware of the child labor issues that exist.

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Child labor is social problem with the rise of industrial production and capitalism.

“Child labor refers to work that impedes children’s access to education and is harmful to their physical, mental, moral, developmental, and social well-being” (Schmitz, Traver, Larson, & Pieris, 2004, p.

“Child labor usually means work that is done by children under the age of 15 (14 in some developing countries) that restricts or damages a child's physical, emotional, social and/or spiritual growth.”1 Child labour is not something that just recently evolved....

The phenomenon of child labor is an effect of economic discrimination....
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    However, world-wide 218 million children between the ages of 5 and 17 are working today (LaborAwareness)....


    The cocoa production has been exposed as one of the agricultural products that make a great use of child labor.

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    However, during the Industrial Revolution, child labor reached new extremes.

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In any case, child labor should be eradicated as it is harmful to the health of the children, it is an obstacle to their education, and it denies them a happy childhood....

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According to the Microsoft Encarta, child labor is now used to denote the employment of minors in work that may interfere with their education or endanger their health (IPEC, 1).

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Also, current economic practice makes it difficult to in one broad stroke ban the practice of child labor, for fear of eliminating the nation’s area of comparative advantage, cheap labor....

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The industry has, to a large extent, empowered black South Africans at a time when few opportunities for economic empowerment existed.(29) Today, the industry continues to provide a vital service to millions of South Africans, and is thus considered a servant for the urban poor.(30) It does not only serve the poor in terms of transporting them, but also creates employment for the majority of the urban poor who remain marginalised from accessing employment opportunities. Those without access to jobs (more especially good jobs) are bearing, and will continue to bear, the brunt of poverty – and so make a living by working within the informal sector or the taxi industry. Seekings and Nattrass term such people the ‘underclass’ because they are not just unemployed, but are excluded from access to opportunities to find jobs.(31) These people lack human capital (minimum skills demanded by the labour market today), social capital (connections and networks) and financial capital (money).(32) Unemployed people are thus disadvantaged relative to employed people. These groups of people are marginalised within the society as they are typically poorer, less educated, and less likely to live in urban areas. The taxi industry thus plays a major role in rescuing these urban marginalised poor from such poverty traps. For example, the industry employs people such as drivers, cooking ladies at the ranks, car washers and mechanics.(33) Taxi ranks and transition points have also created central points for marketplaces of goods and services. Taxi ranks also serve as a profitable location for hawkers, food stands and other small informal retail businesses. In short, taxi owners, drivers, mechanics, hawkers and others depend upon this industry to support themselves and their families.(34)

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Child labor also denies them their right to normal physical and mental development, and to access to any form of education and thus to a healthy, bright future.

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To fully understand child labor, one needs to address the reasons for supporting and opposing child labor, its effect on underdeveloped countries’ economies and the child laborers, and what is being done to combat child labor....

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