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Physics of Semiconductor Devices (2nd ed.).


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While a semiconductor diode is the simplest type of electronic device, semiconductors are also used to make transistors, integrated circuits, and many other types of electronic devices.

When a bias is applied to the gate, charge carriers (depending on whether the semiconductor is

Sumeet Kumar Gupta received the B. Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India in 2006, and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University, West Lafayette IN in 2008 and 2012, respectively. Dr. Gupta is currently an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. Previously, he was a Senior Engineer at Qualcomm Inc. in San Diego CA, where he developed circuit design techniques and benchmarking methodologies of standard cells in deeply scaled technologies. He has also worked as an intern at National Semiconductor, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Intel Corporation in 2005, 2007 and 2010, respectively. His research interests include nano-electronics and spintronics, device-circuit-architecture co-design in post-CMOS technologies, low power variation aware VLSI circuit design and nano-scale device-circuit modeling and simulations. He has published over 70 articles in refereed journals and conferences and is a member of IEEE. Dr. Gupta was the recipient of 2016 DARPA Young Faculty Award, an Early Career Professorship by Penn State in 2014, the 6th TSMC Outstanding Student Research Bronze Award in 2012 and Intel Ph.D. Fellowship in 2009. He has also received Magoon Award from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, and the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from the Teaching Academy and the Office of the Provost, Purdue University, both in 2007. He was awarded a certificate of recognition for outstanding job during the summer internship by Intel Labs and certificates of merit for excellent academic performance at IIT Delhi.

Measurement of band offsets in semiconductor heterojunctions.

A solar cell functions through the use of a semiconductor layer with a bandgap of suitable size.

With the increasing complexity of today’s MPSoC applications, extremely high performance has become the main requirement. However, high performances do not only mean high speed but also low power. However, most of the time, ultra low power architectures cannot reach high speed and conversely, at high speed, a lot of power is consumed. Designing Ultra Wide Voltage Range (UWVR) systems at the nanometer regime is a way to achieve high energy efficiency but introduces many challenges due to the emphasis of parasitic phenomenon effects driven by the scaling of bulk MOSFETs, making circuits more sensitive to the manufacturing process fluctuations and less energy efficient. How to improve the trade-off between leakage, variability and speed at low-voltage? Obviously the trend is to use thin film devices. Undoped thin-film planar FDSOI devices are being investigated in this presentation as an alternative to bulk devices in 28nm node and beyond. This talk will highlight the development of an UWVR multi-VT design platform in FDSOI planar technology on Ultra Thin Body and Box (UTBB) for the 28nm node. The use of an efficient Body Biasing (BB) shows an extremely efficient performance tuning for high energy efficiency. We will also explore FDSOI benefits for new ULP applications and IoT perspectives.

Recent interest in multi-standard communication devices and software defined radios poses the challenge of designing oscillators that have wide frequency tuning range and low phase noise at the same time. In this talk, we show why this is a major challenge and how to address it in CMOS. We present a dual-band oscillator with low phase noise performance. This idea leads to a RF VCO with more than 100% tuning range and extremely low phase noise that satisfies the phase noise requirement for all cellular bands while only taking the area of a fixed-frequency oscillator.

Requirements for the Semiconductor in Manufacturing Master degree

Semiconductivity in these materials occurs for single molecules, short chains of molecules and long polymer chains depending on the material.

In electronics the usefulness of semiconductors stems from the structure of the atoms that make up semiconductor crystals. For example, a silicon atom has four electrons in its outer orbital (the top “shell” of orbiting electrons). When heated to the melting point and refrozen, silicon atoms tend to form organized crystal structures or lattices. In a process called doping, phosphorus or arsenic atoms are mixed into the silicon. This disturbs the silicon’s structure, giving the resulting crystal extra electrons. The crystal is changed from an OK conductor to a good conductor. Since electrons carry a negative charge, this type of crystal with extra electrons is known as an N-type or N-doped semiconductor.

Doping the crystal with boron or gallium also turns the crystal into a conductor, but it does so by leaving it with a shortage of electrons. Physicists say that the crystal has holes, which make the crystal positive or P-type. When N-type and P-type crystals come together, something surprising happens. The junction acts as a barrier to the flow of electricity in one direction but presents almost no resistance in the other direction. This one-way valve can be used in an electronic device called a diode. You can think of a diode as a door that only swings one way—you can go out, but you can’t go back in.

Small molecule semiconductors include pentacene, rubrene and anthracene, as well as larger molecules such as fullerenes and fullerene derivatives.
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    Theoretical and experimental .Semiconductor technology - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online.

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Wide bandgap power devices have emerged as an often superior alternativepower switch technology for many power electronic applications. These devices theoretically have excellent material properties enabling power device operation at higher switching frequencies and higher temperatures compared with conventional silicon devices. However, material defects can dominate device behavior, particularly over time, and this should be strongly considered when trying to model actual characteristics of currently available devices.

Thesis On Semiconductor Devices - Nordeste Vendas

Compact models of wide bandgap power devices are necessary to analyze and evaluate their impact on circuit and system performance. Available compact models, i.e., models compatible with circuit-level simulators, are reviewed. In particular, this paper presents a review of compact models for silicon carbide power diodes and MOSFETs.

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NaMLab was founded in 2006 as an university-industry joint venture and is now a TU Dresden company. Based on key expertise in dielectric materials for semiconductor devices NaMLab focuses on the integration and application of its materials expertise applied to reconfigurable and energy efficiency devices by placing the device rather than the material system itself into the center of its research activities.

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ASSISTECH, a laboratory and research group co-founded by him, is involved in developing a number of assistive devices targeted towards mobility and education of the visually impaired. He has been a recipient of two National awards for his work in the disability space. SmartCaneTM is a mobility aid for visually impaired developed by his group and currently it is used by thousands of users in India and other countries.

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