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In this paper, also comparison the thermal characteristics i.e.

Paper presented at the Oxford Internet Institute Decade in Internet Time Symposium, September 22.

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Image steganography Research on paper ..

This paper includes the basics of palm print, hand geometry and biometric identification method based on these two biometric of human hand.

Key words: Biometrics, wavelet transform, hand geometry and palm print.

[1] Dewi Yanti Liliana, Eries Tri Utaminingsih, The combination of palm print and hand geometry for biometrics palm recognition, International Journal of Video & Image Processing and Network Security IJVIPNS-IJENS Vol: 12 No: 01, February 2012
[2] Anil K.

 Data & Society Working Paper, The Social, Cultural & Ethical Dimensions of “Big Data

The prototype UPQC power circuit, control features, and control algorithm along with experimental results are presented in this paper.

Index Terms: Current unbalance and nonlinear load, DSP- based control, power quality conditioning (PQC), unbalanced volt- age sag, unified power quality conditioner (UPQC).

[1] M.

Phd Thesis On Steganography - …

Data & Society Working Paper, The Social, Cultural & Ethical Dimensions of “Big Data", March 17.

The paper presents an algorithm to build each peer with Delaunay links incrementally based on random peer information returned from P2P network querying or accessing the same content signifying a live feed.

A harmonic signal generator with adjustable frequency, phase and harmonic proportion is designed in this paper.

Key words: ARM 7, (DDS) Direct Digital Synthesizer (AWG) Arbitrary Waveform Generator, function generator

[1] Amauri A Assef1 Joaquim M Maia1, Fábio K Schneide (2013) A reconfigurable arbitrary waveform generator using PWM modulation for ultrasound research
[2] Mr.

Steganography research papers - Bitlonia - Home

Data & Society Working Paper, The Social, Cultural & Ethical Dimensions of “Big Data", March 17.

Thus, in this paper, we present our detailed design and implementation of the WiMAX module based on the IEEE 802.16 standard with the point-to-multipoint (PMP) mode for the ns-2.

This paper studies symbolic meanings of color in Muhammad al-Maghut`s works by analytical method.

Key words: Color, Symbol, Muhammad al-Maghut

[1] The holy Quran.
[2] Bayhaqhi, Abul-Fazl.

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  • information operations theory, theories, …

    Data & Society Working Paper, The Social, Cultural & Ethical Dimensions of “Big Data", March 17.

  • efg's Image Processing: Algorithms

    Data & Society Working Paper, The Social, Cultural & Ethical Dimensions of “Big Data", March 17.

  • Links to many different image processing algorithms

    Data & Society Working Paper, The Social, Cultural & Ethical Dimensions of “Big Data", March 17.

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Some of the solutions incentives for investment in public transport in the model of "socialization" were also introduced at the end of the paper.

Key words: River bus, ship design, inland ferry pier, waterway transportation, Ho Chi Minh city

[1] Approving the Adjustment of transportation development planning of Ho Chi Minh city by 2020 and with a vision after 2020 (Decision No.

Electronics and TeleCommunication (ECE) Seminar Topics

In this paper, the behaviour of a wind energy conversion system that uses the structure of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) under faulty conditions is presented.

Information Operations (United States) - Wikipedia

This system helps for question paper transmission just before the commencement of examination, where the authorized person at Head Office or University can send directly to the educational institution itself.

Key words: NXP LPC1768, GSM/GPRS module, Data logger, MAX232 IC, AT Commands, H-JTAG/H-FLASHER, Keil μVision

[1] Anuj Kumar, I.

Mathematical and Natural Sciences

In this paper, proposed technique called Recovery Boosting that allows both pMOS devices in the memory cell to be put into the recovery mode by slightly modifying to the design of conventional SRAM cells.

Online Resources & Handbooks

In the proposed paper total harmonic distortion (THD) is determined using FUZZY controller and the results are compared with those obtained using PI controller.

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This paper gives an overview of what an access network architecture is, the simulation results of different Passive Optical Network architectures currently being used and the requirements of the future generation access network

Key words: Access Networks, FTTx, Passive Optical Networks, EPON, WDM-PON, Hybrid PON.

[1] Koonen: Fiber to the Home/Fiber to the Premises: What, Where, and When?‖ Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol.

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