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"Anything is better than nothing, but common sense says more is better," DARE leadership says. DARE's solution is to expand DARE by beginning it in earlier grades and extending it to higher grades. More of an ineffective program can't make it effective. Apparently the head of DARE also thinks a dog could catch its tail if only it could run faster.

Office of Graduate Studies 213 Strong Hall 1450 Jayhawk Blvd. Lawrence KS 66045-7535

Original references. Among other things, we have also completed the original references for all currently accepted species and subspecies (yes, there were quite a few references missing for certain subspecies). When we did an analysis in August, 13,047 currently recognized species and subspecies of reptiles had been described by a total of 6,454 papers and books. For 1,052 species a total of 2,452 subspecies (excluding nominate subspecies) had been catalogued by last August, down from 1,295 species and 4,411 subspecies in 2009, due to the elevation of many subspecies to species. For more details, see our upcoming analysis in Zootaxa, to be published as an open access paper soon. You will be also able to download the complete list of original references then. You also may want to compare this to , also available for free at Zootaxa.

Prewriting Strategies | KU Writing Center

Members of SSAR receive the “Top 100” award-winning Journal of Herpetology and the world’s most widely used herp news bulletin, Herpetological Review. Both are full-color, quarterly publications, each containing about 800 pages per year and available in hard-copy and on-line. SSAR also publishes the Catalogue of American Amphibians and Reptiles, an open-access serial covering the herps of the entire Western Hemisphere, Herpetological Circulars (booklets), and three book series—Contributions to Herpetology (monographs), Facsimile Reprints (classic works), and Herpetological Conservation (topical subjects). Members receive discounted prices on all publications, as they do on registration fees at SSAR’s annual meetings.

Older versions of the database: You can find older version of the Reptile Database at (see links on our ), e.g. if you want to go back to a version that is cited in a paper. Currently we share the complete current (this!) version only with academic collaborators, so please let us know if you want to collaborate :) If we ever manage to get more stable funding for the database we will post complete downloadable versions immediately after release.

Pre-writing strategies use writing to generate and clarify ideas

New photos
We have uploaded 784 photos of 280 species since the last release, increasing the number of photos to 8,840, representing 3,292 species (not including those species that we display through external sources such as Flickr or CalPhotos). The new photos were submitted by a total of 50 photographers. However, the bulk of photos came from just two individuals this time, Sebastian Lotzkat (519 photos) and Uwe Schlüter (129 photos). Sebastian is now on par with Paul Freed (our photo editor) as the number 1 photographer (both with 576 photos -- congratulations!). The other photographers this time were Alex Slavenko, Ashok Captain/A. Biju Kumar, Awal Riyanto, Brad Maryan, Chris Harrison, Conrad Hoskin, Diego Demangel, Eli Greenbaum, Fanomezana Ratsoavina, Federico Arias, Fenoy Xavier, Javier Torres Lopez, Jian-Huan Yang, Jim Conrad, Josef Kiechle, Laurie Vitt, Levi Gray, Luke Verburgt, Mark O’Shea, Nicole Schneider, Niranjan Sant, Pablo Venegas, Patrice Hugues, Patrick Prévost, Paul Carter, Prathamesh Dange, Raimundo Lopez-Silvero Martinez, Regina Ribeiro, Reinaldo de Medeiros Jr, Robert Sprackland, Roy Santa Cruz Farfán, Salvador Carranza, Samuel Lalronunga, Shai Meiri, Stephen Busack, Thasun Amarasinghe, Tomas M. Rodriguez Cabrera, Tomas Mazuch, Truong Quang Nguyen, Victor Acosta Chaves, Vimukthi Weeratunge, Vivek Philip Cyria, cVivek Sharma, Vladimir Bobrov, Yehudah Werner, and Zeeshan Mirza. Thanks to all of you!
If you have submitted photos but are not listed, your photos will be uploaded with the next release -- sorry!

When credible surveys demonstrate the actual, much lower drinking rates, and the results are widely publicized or "marketed" to this group, the imagined social pressure drops and so does youthful drinking. The technique works with both alcohol and drugs.

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Species Named After BHL. Although you can buy a species name, it may be more original to name it after a really useful service like the Biodiversity Heritage Library (or the Reptile Database, just to name a few:). This is exactly what some malacologists have done: A new land snail species from Laos, to express thanks for "the multitude of rare literature made available to us. The name 'biheli' is an acronym derived from the name BIodiversity Heritage LIbrary."

Drug Abuse Resistance Education: The Effectiveness of DARE

New photos and photographers. Thanks to the tireless help of our photo editor, Paul Freed, we have added 711 photos illustrating 556 species (!) by 41 photographers since the last release (including 419 photos by Paul himself!). The photographers who donated photos this time are Abhinava Mukherjee, Alexandre Teynie, Bhargavi Srinivasulu, Bruno Gattolin, César Luis Barrio Amorós, Claudia Koch, Daniel Velho, David Alfonso Bejarano Bonilla, Dhofir Tri Dharmawan, Frank Glaw, Miguel Vences, Geoff Patterson, Helianne de Niemeyer, Herbert Becker, Hinrich Kaiser, Ibrahim Elkhalil Mohamed, Jaime Troncoso-Palacios, James Culverwell, Jean-Claude Jamoulle, Joe Tuck, Johan Chaves, Juan Salvador Mendoza, Luciano Avila, Mauro Hernan, Ngo Van Tri, Nigel Voaden, Nikolay Poyarkov, Patrick David, Patrick Prevost, Paul Freed, Pier Cacciali, Ricardo Buff, Ross Wanless, Ryan van Huyssteen, Sandy Leo, Si-Min Lin, Soheila Javanmardi, Stephen Schmidt, Trent Bell, Vishal Santra, and Young Dae Kim. Thank you all for your generous help! If you have submitted photos which are not in this batch, please be patient — we will add them soon!

APUSH Review Sheet and AP US History Cram - Mr. Klaff

Photographers whose photos are being uploaded this time include Alan Giraldo, Alessandro Catenazzi, Ar Shakti Nanda, Arne Rasmussen, Brad Maryan, Breno Hamdan, Bruno Miranda, Cameron Siler, Carmelo Lopez, Chiramjib Debnath (via Joydeb Majumder), Chris Rego, Claudia Koch, Colin Bryant, Dick Sage, Diego Ramirez, Henrik Bringsøe, Jaime Troncoso-Palacios, Jakob Hallermann, J. Cairos, Jean-Claude Jamoulle, Jorge Alberto Zuñiga Baos, Joydeb Majumder, L. David, Luis Alberto Rueda Solano, M.R. Low, Marco Freitas (via Breno Hamdan), Nathanaël Maury, Nigel Voaden, Rick West, Subhendu Mallik, Thomas Calame (via Vin Luu), Tom Ferrara, Tony Wales, William W. Lamar (via Rick West). Many thanks to all of you! (Those who are not in the list, will have their photos uploaded soon. Please be patient or send more photos :)

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