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How I Developed my Spiritual Perspective

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My Early Paranormal Experiences

My hostess called me over and introduced the Larson girls, who would be entertaining me this evening while the adults enjoyed the Tolliver twins. She snapped her fingers and the two chubs slowly turned around to give me a view of their backsides. My eyebrows must have bumped against my hairline when I got a good look at their behinds. They were criss crossed with welts in varying states of healing. Upon closer examination I could discern the telltale marks of a cane on each one's bottom. Marilyn squeezed my hand and laughed at my reaction.

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"These two are always getting into trouble either at school or home. Their parents believe in strict discipline and have been practicing it for years, with very little success to date. They have even gone to the trouble of enrolling these troublemakers into a private school run by strict disciplinarians. Most of the marks you observe are from the teachers, but on occasion their father does take the strap to his daughters as well. The girls have one major problem; they are insatiable when it comes to sex. They started as soon as they became teenagers and the younger one fed off the other's appetites. Their parents have lost count of the number of sex partners these two have had, but it must be close to one hundred in total, a rather impressive number for ones so young. Naturally you will be expected to add to the grand total tonight. Their father claims they are quite good in bed considering their age and experience."

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The staff at the Osmania University Department of Physical Education had never seen a physical specimen like Charlie. A tall (nearly six feet), blue-eyed blonde with a body that measured 40DD-23-34 was foreign to them, but they quickly learned to love what they saw and measured. Charlie on the other hand loved what she saw as well, a large body of potential sex partners that she desperately needed. With very few exceptions the male members of the department were in awe of this spectacular creature, while the females at first split into two camps. One group looked upon their subject as a threat to the stability of the department and a standard for femininity that was well beyond their ability to match. The other group promptly fell in love with their visitor from another planet and began scheming for ways to join her in bed so they could have hot sex with the blonde goddess.

I am still learning so do not purport to be an expert but here is my take. The notion of Mindfulness of emotions v. Witnessing of emotions needs to be reconceptualized. In my opionion, it’s not really an either/or proposition. Mindfulness of emotions could include many things including Witnessing of emotions if that serves a purpose. Mindfulness of emotions is about take respons ability (responding to what you are feeling). If one form of the response is distancing then fine if that is what you need to do to let what is troubling you sit (assuming it’s something you can sit on) as you mindfully construct perhaps a self-narrative of what it was that made you feel so angry. When you review that story you may find there are some distortions in it and will make appropriate revisions or take action to right-size the narrative. Given the new version, two things could happen. Maybe the anger will go away (for the right reasons) or you’ll have a better understanding of why you’re angry. In either case, a good and healthy way of being more present and constructively engaging with all sorts of stuff that is part of our daily lives from one moment to the next.

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She submitted her PhD thesis as well as two papers that had a very narrow audience to demonstrate her theory on this subject had been considered to be possible under certain circumstances. Based on her limited knowledge of the patient, there was a better than fifty-fifty chance that her approach might significantly improve Charlie's sex drive. There was a pitched battle on the subject by the committee, but when the dust settled, upper management decided to give her an opportunity, a very limited one at that, to demonstrate feasibility. Doctor Eliot was about to make or break her reputation at the hospital, but she was already becoming bored with her limited opportunities for advancement. She was young, attractive and good in bed, always willing to sleep with the right members of the staff and allow them to do things to her body that even her former mentor dared not suggest. The prospect of sooner or later having to allow her latest bedmate to watch her copulate with his trained dog made her stomach extremely queasy. Unless she had a breakthrough with this patient, she was doomed no matter what happened next.

Even the simplest measurement was a revelation. By some miracle or previous mistake in note taking, Charlie was an inch and one-half taller and her breasts were now two inches greater in circumference, having gone from a 38DD to a 40DD. Her skin's surface potential was at the upper limits of their measurement equipment over her entire body. These results were so startling that he assigned two more teams to take independent measurements. They confirmed the original data. Her rest pulse was 44 per minute and blood pressure 95/60. She had 20/15 eyesight, rarely observed in any patient that had come through the department. All this preliminary data gave a picture of a superior physical specimen, like no one that they had ever encountered. Professor Kahn began to wonder if the corporation was giving them some type of trial, but reluctantly dismissed this thought since he had no way to probe the system. His contact had always been the same person at the same corporate address for these many years. Once he had even visited their laboratory, but said little and asked few questions.

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I wanted work near my home in Redondo Beach so I that would not have to brave the freeways every day, as I had done for the past three years. I averaged about an hour-long commute to work, which was usually not in downtown LA where my office was, but at the offices of clients that dotted the LA area, from Woodland Hills to Riverside to Newport Beach. I usually slept on friends’ floors when the commute was two hours each way, and an associate even slept on my couch one day, when he would have had to commute more than two hours to work for me the next day.

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The covered those topics in depth. Michael stated that a species destroys its home planet by warfare or environmental destruction a third of time, and completes its incarnation cycle on another planet in a different life form. Of that third, one-third is by warfare, and two-thirds is by environmental destruction. Humanity is today at that juncture where we may kill ourselves off. This is the turning point in our evolution. Michael's vast perspective and dispassionate view of an ensouled species destroying its home planet and simply choosing another one to continue its journey can be unnerving. Michael stated that if we destroy this planet (or make its environment hostile to complex life), those who have contributed the most to its destruction (mainly dark path acolytes) will incarnate on this planet as it is dying and experience the consequences of their activities. That is not because God forces them to, but because the nature of our souls and the incarnation cycle is acting in the world and learning by reaping the results of our actions. We reap what we sow. It is a law of creation that applies from top to bottom. Often we sow in one life and reap in a later one.

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It was roughly two in the morning and I sat by my computer like some junkie waiting for his connection to arrive. Finally one picture came along with a short message having to do with what they planned to do to Charlie for the rest of the time before allowing her some sleep. Marilyn warned me that my wife might be late for work today, but she thought that all concerned were truly enjoying the session. The picture shocked the hell out of me. I had not anticipated that my wife would be taking a golden shower from Marilyn Connor in super closeup. I wondered what those folks who were seeing everything from the Connors' webcam were thinking of my wife's debut. There was no doubt that Charlie and I had to talk things over before she was swept away by our neighbors' kinky ways.

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Those experiences and many others were part of a radical change in my worldview. The single biggest change was the first, when that woman held up . After that, I was not quick to call anything "impossible," especially regarding the abilities of human consciousness. By age 21, I had five years of increasing study under my belt. In those days, a few books were highly influential to me; one was by Richard Bach, which was his follow-up to . I have read a vast array of spiritual material since , but it is still one of the greatest spiritual masterpieces that I have encountered. Perhaps the most influential book I ever read was the , first published in 1907. Levi Dowling, an American Christian minister, wrote it. Dowling produced the book over a number of years while in a deep trance state. He was allegedly accessing the Akashic record, in which every thought and act of Creation is recorded. That is the theory, anyway. I read the at age 18. For the first time, I began to understand spirituality. For two years, that book was on my bedside table. Every night as I went to bed, I picked up the book and read from it.

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